Back to the Rainbow

Our new track ‘Back to the Rainbow’
Come listen!

Hey, listen, it’s an amazing museum
There’s lots of electricity, light, and pictures
You’ll be thrilled when you go there
I’m sure you’ll be thrilled

Did you know that there’s a new bridge?
That glows like a rainbow
It might be the biggest in the world
Let’s go to the seashore together
I’ve got my license
I’ve got a car

What does it mean to be us?
What is the nature of that days?
What does it really mean to be us?
What is the style of that days?

Is the more times you meet someone, the more awesome they are?
Is the more people you meet, the cooler you are?
Is it great to go with a lot of people?
Is it great to go deep?
You’ve already been to most of them
Fun on the Autobahn

What kind of places are fun to go?
What kind of places make you quarrel?
Where you feel sad
Where things get exciting
I wonder if you too have become boring no matter who you go with anymore

Music by Motohiko Umezawa, Jun Morimoto
Lyrics by Jun Morimoto