Bend the Buildings

New track ‘Bend the Buildings’
Released on 11 September 2021

The contour stretches very straight
It just keeps growing straighter and straighter
But the curves of the mountains are gentle
Even the shape of the coast is sexy

Then let’s change it up a bit
Bend the outer frame a little
Then the pillars will be bent
The electrical wiring will change
The position of the wall sockets will also change

Even the flow of the river is gentle
The shape of the smoke is also mysterious

Then let’s rearrange them
Tables at an angle
Let’s make the cupboards round
Let the path we walk be shaped like the moon
Let’s make the windows smile

Shapes of clouds are dreaming
Calligraphy is about love

Let’s get rid of rooms with the same shape
Let’s make each one a different shape
Let’s make them all different shapes in a row
Different wallpaper to go inside
Different water pipes
Different fire hydrants
The switches on the wall are different
Different suppliers of parts
Different departments handle different things
Different people handle different things
Different people bring different things together for one building

Music by Motohiko Umezawa, Jun Morimoto
Lyrics by Jun Morimoto